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The message and energy transmission here is about setting crystal clear intentions.

I experienced quite a journey coming into this new year. Beginning Dec. 5th, I experienced one illness after another until 5th. By 11th I felt fully recovered. During my illness I managed to record a few videos, but some including 1st and 11th didnt upload. These, of course, were powerful days of the vibration of 11, 11:11, 1-11-11 in this universal 11 year.. The videos are now uploaded, and given today is another vibration of 11:11, I still want to share them. A for 1st video is also here with some of the same information, and a message from my guides. If youd like to go right to the activation start at 5:40. that I refer to in both videos are here as well. Enjoy the golden Angel lights! 1, 2018 11 Year in deeply grateful for every opportunity to share Love and Light.
OneLOVE, RevB.


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