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– Gary-the-Numbers-Guy Numerology on why it happens in Denver ,Colorado when it does

Colorado is the 38th(3+8=11) State
Denver was founded on 11+1+5+1+9+0+2=29 2+9=11

As I stated many times 11/20/29/38/47/56/65/74/83/92 are all part of the 11 vibrational energy
So it should not shock anyone , that the Columbine Shooting and the movie shooting today Both happened on the 20th in the Denver Area
Whenever you have this many 11’s together , traggic events happen
New York was the 11th state
9-11 Happened on the 11th
Twin Tower Both looked like the number 11 side by side
1st plane to Hit the Tower was Flight 11

Numbers Never Lie


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